The 2nd Annual Zombie Prom is Back from the Dead

Zombie Prom

Proms are usually gorgeous affairs with beautiful dresses and newly-rented tuxes. Wouldn’t it be more fun if they were a little… messier? You can find out for yourself at the 2nd Annual Zombie Prom. Presented by Zombie Certified, this year’s event promises to be even bigger and bolder than last year’s prom. Get zombied up and dance the night away. Just be sure to leave your best prom clothes at home. This a place for the walking dead, so it just might get messy.

Zombie Prom Details

The prom is going to take place on September 30 from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. at The Korova. It’ll be a 50s-themed prom, so go with some 50s-themed zombie attire. For instance, think of what you would look like if you were turned into a zombie at the local sock hop.

There will also be make-up artists there to help you get the right zombified look, along with live music, vendors, and food trucks. Oh, and there will be a zombie king and queen crowned by the end of the night, so do your best to stand out.

Tickets range from $5-$8 and can be purchased online.

About Zombie Certified

Zombie Certified is the best source for all things related to zombies, including zombie proms. The company puts on various events throughout the year, including viewings of “The Walking Dead” and live chats. If you have any zombie-related questions or concerns, they can help. They might even help you throw a fun event yourself.

About The Korova

The Korova is easily one of the coolest places in San Antonio. The live music venue has a dark, underground vibe that makes it a great spot for punk and hardcore music as well as the Zombie Prom. The Korova has a basement with a ton of art, and you will find DJs there as well. This venue also hosts some cool events throughout the year, such as screenings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” With such a cool vibe, it makes sense that the Korova is the host of the Zombie Prom. It has the right feel to it, so you will feel at home as you move around with other undead prom-goers.

Zombie Prom is going to be a hit, and you just might end up crowned the king or queen for the night. Kings and queens can’t drive around in old rides. That would be disappointing to their subjects. Get your reign off on the right track by stopping by Red McCombs Ford in San Antonio, Texas, before Zombie Prom. With the help of a new vehicle, you will be ready to make your grand debut. You’ll also be ready to go from one adventure to the next.