7 Great Ways to Show Your Patriotism All Summer Long

Lit sparkler against a blurred American flag showing Patriotism

With the month of July beginning with Independence Day, the feeling of patriotism can easily last all month long! Everywhere you turn, there’s red, white, and blue. Show how proud you are to be an American throughout the entire summer using these great suggestions!

Fly the American Flag

This is the most obvious, and easiest way to show your love of country. If you do choose to fly Old Glory, it’s very important to do so correctly. Your flag should be displayed between sunrise and sunset unless the flag in illuminated after dark. It should be taken down in the event of rain, snow, or high winds. Never let your flag touch the ground. And finally, if it becomes damaged, it should be disposed of with a proper burning ceremony, which many veterans Groups offer this service for free on Flag Day.

Send a HeroBox

“Home of the free, because of the brave.” This saying has been heard throughout the country for years. One of the best ways to show your patriotism is to honor the military men and women who spend every day protecting and defending the United States. The HeroBox organization helps you send care packages to troops overseas. You can pack a box for $40 or less full of things that not only will send hope and support, but will actually be helpful to our troops. Just a few dollars will make a big difference to the service men and women who receive your box.

Say Thank You

A Million Thanks is an organization that collects Thank You letters and cards for the troops. All you have to do is write a few words of gratitude and send your letter to A Million Thanks. They will make sure that your note gets into the hands of one of our courageous military men and women.

Volunteer with Disabled Veterans

Not only is it important to support the people who are currently fighting for our country, but also those who used to fight for our country. The Disabled American Veterans organization provides many different ways for you to support veterans in your community. There are volunteer opportunities of all kinds. You can help drive veterans t doctor’s appointments, do yard work and other home improvement projects. This organization will also connect you to your local VA hospital to provide assistance there! Volunteering to help veterans is one of the best ways to show your patriotism year round.

Volunteer with the Veterans History Project

The Veterans History Project is perfect for those of you who have a knack for getting people to talk. This organization collects and preserves the personal accounts of our veterans’ military experiences for generations to come. Visit their website to find guidelines for conducting and recording interviews. You can interview family members, friends, and other veterans in your community. Afterward, simply send the materials you collected to the VHP to be archived.

Visit a National Monument

National Monuments and Parks are designated to preserve locations and events that are historically and culturally significant t the United States. The monuments give you an opportunity to learn about and reflect on people and events integral to our existence as a nation. The monuments give you an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of our country and the importance of our natural resources. Visit this website to see which monuments and park are local in Texas.

Learn American History

How and why was our country founded? What does the constitution say? How does Congress work? Why did we fight in WWI? It’s important to know and understand our history and our government in order to know and understand where to go in the future. Visit nearby museums and monuments in your free time to get emersed in our wonderful country’s past, and to show your patriotism this year.

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