Balcones Heights Jazz Festival

Jazz blues musician at Balcones Heights Jazz Festival

If you are in the mood to hear some amazing tunes, we’ve got you covered. Gather your family and friend and head out to the Balcones Heights Jazz Festival this month! Be sure to put on your dancing shoes. With all of the great music this festival has to offer, you’ll be up on your feet all night long!

Balcones Heights Jazz Festival

The Balcones Heights Jazz Festival has been a summer treasure for over two decades. In fact, this year marks the 24th annual festival! This amazing Jazz experience captivates Jazz lovers from all across Texas. So, if Jazz music is your forte, be sure to see this free lineup of renowned jazz stars from all over the country.

Featured Performances

This year’s performance features a diverse line-up of special opening acts and headliners. Check out the list of anticipated performances below:
Rick Braun – Los Angeles based trumpeter
Oli Silk – UK’s smooth jazz keyboardist
Paul Jackson Jr. – Grammy nominated guitarist
Phillip “Doc” Martin – Washington D.C. based saxophonist
Strunz & Farah – World famous jazz duo guitarists
Chase Huna – National recording artist and saxophonist
Steve Oliver – Adult contemporary guitarist
Opening acts by Texas guitarist, Ruben V and local singing sensation, MELINA

What to Expect

This festival takes place over four consecutive Fridays. It’s expected to be a great success, estimating 4,000 visiting jazz fans! (This is definitely symbolic of how amazing the Balcones Heights Jazz Festival is, because city’s population is only 3,000 people.) Hardcore fans have been known to stake their claim. With lawn chairs and blankets, days in advance, these people save their favorite spots along the edge of the sparkling reflecting pool and fountains. David Munoz has hosted the Jazz Festival for the past 23 years, and will be returning again to emcee this year.

Event Details

The Balcones Heights Jazz Festival will be located at the Wonderland of the Americas Amphitheatre, located at 4522 Fredericksburg Rd. It will take place every Friday: July 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, 2017. The music will be played rain or shine and will begin at 7:30 PM. The headliner will start at 9 PM. The event is free for general admission, and outdoor seating is also free on a first come, first-served basis.

Food and beverages will be available to purchase, as well as an adjacent food court. Click here to receive updates on this and next years Jazz festivals. Or, visit the Balcones Jazz Festival’s Facebook page. Join Balcones Heights in celebrating almost 25 years of Jazz culture and tradition, and come to the Balcones Heights Jazz Festival.


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