Disney Live! Mickey and Minnie’s Doorway to Magic

Disney Live

If your family loves Disney, then be sure to consider attending Disney Live! Mickey & Minnie’s Doorway to Magic when it comes to San Antonio. This performance brings the mouse duo to life and will be a treat for children of all ages, as well as adults who love the characters.

Dates, Shows, and Location

All performances of Disney Live! will be at the Lila Cockrell Theatre right here in San Antonio, so you won’t have to drive far to get there. The shows are on Thursday, Dec. 28, and Friday, Dec. 29. Both days, you can catch the show at either 1 p.m. or 3 p.m., making it easy to fit your schedule.

Getting Tickets

The tickets for Mickey & Minnie’s Doorway to Magic are already on sale, and you can buy them online or over the phone. Some seats are only $20, but others go up to $95. Buy your tickets sooner rather than later if you want specific seats or one of the cheaper options.

What the Show Is About

Mickey and Minnie are clearly the stars of Disney Live! Mickey & Minnie’s Doorway to Magic. However, you will get to see 25 of the most popular characters from Disney classics and more recent films alike. See the most interesting parts of all your favorite films brought to life. You get to watch the Fairy Godmother wave her wand and turn Cinderella’s rags into her ballgown in just a second. The cast of “Toy Story” will get help from green army men to get out of Andy’s toy box. Rapunzel also makes her stage debut with Flynn Rider, complete with the gorgeous floating lanterns. You will also see other characters, such as Genie from “Aladdin,” Tinker Bell, and Snow White.

Notes About Darkness and Smoke

When planning your trip to see your favorite Disney characters live, keep in mind that the show will include safe theatrical smoke. There will also be very brief periods of darkness between scenes, so make sure your children are prepared for this.

Your Kids Can Dress Up

You and your kids can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable to the performance, as long as it is appropriate for a family environment. Children can even dress up if they want, provided their costume doesn’t distract those around them. Guests who are 14 years old or older, however, cannot wear costumes.

Whether you plan on just attending Disney Live! as a family or will let your kids bring along some friends, the team at Red McCombs Ford can help you find the perfect vehicle that will fit everyone on your way to this San Antonio, Texas, performance.