Three Easy DIY Fall Decorations

DIY Fall Decorations

It’s been a hot summer, but fall is right around the corner. The air will get crisper, and the decorations will get a lot more fun, especially if you make some yourself. Check out some cool DIY fall decorations for your home. These decorations will make your home the best dressed of the season.

Fall Leaf Mason Jar

Leaves are the perfect representation of the fall, and they can add some style to your home when you make a fall leaf mason jar. Gather up some Kerr brand mason jars, craft paint, adhesive vinyl, and twine.

Cut the vinyl into the shape of a leaf. Put the smooth side of the vinyl on the mason jar. Then, paint the jar, using the color of your choice. Wait for the paint to dry, and peel the vinyl away. Add a few corn kernels to the bottom of the jar and put a votive candle on top of it. Then, wrap a piece of twine around the top of the jar. It’s as easy as that.

Fall Wreath

You want to welcome your guests to your home, and you can do just that with a fall wreath. This is as easy as could be. Take an old tray that you aren’t using anymore and add a layer of chalkboard paint to the inside of it. Put some bittersweet berries and autumn branches around the tray. Then, take a piece of chalk and write a welcoming message to all of your visitors. Hang it on your front door for everyone to see as soon as they walk up to your porch.

Painted Acorns

There are acorns all over the place in the fall. You probably don’t notice them very much until they crunch under your feet. Make them more noticeable by painting them and showcasing them in a bowl.

First, you need to know how to paint acorns. It’s not difficult, but it does take a little bit of work. Preheat your oven to 170 degrees, and put some foil on a baking sheet. Put the acorns on the sheet, and pop them in the oven for a full two hours. Take them out and throw away any cracked or burned acorns. They should be few and far between.

Then, take out some acrylic paint and a paintbrush. Keep the acorn caps intact when painting them and hot glue any caps that fall off. Use a variety of colors when painting the acorns.

Let them dry and then put them in a small bowl. Now, you have a nice centerpiece.

These DIY fall decorations will keep you busy for a bit, and they will make your home a lot of fun. Sometimes, though, you will want to go out and explore. When that is the case, you will need a vehicle from Red McCombs Ford in San Antonio, Texas, to get the job done. Stop by the dealership and pick out your new ride today.