Enjoy Art with a Great Cause at Art in the Dark on June 20th

abstract acrylic painting for Art in the Dark

Even the biggest art lovers are unlikely to have every experienced art in the way you do at Art in the Dark. Hosted by the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind, this annual event gives you the chance to enjoy art along with wine, music, and art discussions. However, you experience the works as a blind person would. That’s right – no visual viewing. Instead, you simply touch the art to get a feel for it. This is a creative method that gives attendees a glimpse into the world of the blind while still fostering an appreciation for art. It also lets you take advantage of senses you don’t use as often.

How It Works

All of the artwork featured during Art in the Dark has been donated. It includes pottery, sculptures, jewelry, and traditional paintings. Instead of relying on your eyes, you get to use your other senses, such as touch, to enjoy the art. During the evening, you can also bid on the various pieces of art, knowing all of the proceeds go directly to the San Antonio Lighthouse and a great cause. This is actually the seventh annual event. Clearly, it’s been a hit and helped the organization meet its goals.

Crucial Information

All of the proceeds from the event go right to the blind children’s programs at the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired, making any money you spend definitely worth it. This year, it’s at the Sheraton Gunter Hotel right here in San Antonio. The event is on June 20th and lasts from 6:30 pm-9 pm, giving you lots of time to enjoy the music and more. If you buy your tickets in advance, it’s $35 a person, or buy them at the door for $45. Remember it all goes to a good cause; there are even sponsorship opportunities if you have more to give.

No Need to Eat First

Don’t worry about grabbing a bite to eat before Art in the Dark. There will be beverages and food from some of your favorite local restaurants there. This way, you won’t be rushed for time. You can just focus on getting to the event and enjoying the art.

Get to Know the Organization

It should be fairly obvious from the name of the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind & Vision Impaired that it assists those with visual impairments or complete blindness. The organization has actually been around since 1933, serving, training, educating, and employing those with visual impairments. If you can’t attend Art in the Dark, you can contact the group for ways to give back to the community.


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