Decorate Your Home for the Holiday Season with These DIY Projects

Holiday DIY Projects

You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your home this holiday season. Instead, take some time to do a DIY project that will give your house a festive spirit. If you choose the right projects, they can even be kid-friendly or work as presents for others. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Tartan Stockings

Instead of buying stockings or making boring ones out of red felt, why not get creative and make some tartan stockings? Choose your tartan patterns wisely and you will have fabric that works perfectly for Christmas. You can get the pattern to sew from Country Living, so you don’t even have to freehand the outline. Of course, if you prefer a traditional red stocking or any other color or pattern, use the material of your choice and enjoy the results.

Mason Jar Trees

Don’t buy a table-top Christmas tree for a nice holiday display; consider making one out of mason jars. You just need six jars of similar sizes. Put festive objects inside; options include tinsel, ornaments, or even holiday figurines. Stack them in a carefully balanced pyramid and drape some tinsel or beads over it like you would a Christmas tree. Don’t forget to put a star at the top to give it an authentic feel.

Paper Gift Wrappings

If you forgot wrapping paper, just go out and buy some blank kraft paper. To give it some extra flair, wrap the presents in fun shapes, such as stockings, stars, or Christmas trees. Draw the outline of your chosen object (making sure it’s large enough to fit the gift inside) and cut through both. Sew along the edges with contrasting thread; just remember to put the gift inside before sealing it up all the way. If you want, you can even do this with wrapping paper, but make sure your chosen gift wrap is nice and sturdy.

Birdseed Ornament

For a unique DIY decoration that not only hangs on your Christmas tree but serves a purpose afterward, make this birdseed ornament. Start by placing a greased cookie cutter in the shape of a bird on two aluminum foil layers. Wrap the foil tightly, covering the sides of the cutter. Melt a cup of coconut oil and mix in ¼ cup each of birdseed and chopped nuts. Let it cool so it is pourable but thick. Place eight inches of twine into your cookie cutter so most come out the top of a wing. Now, pour the coconut oil and seed mixture into your cutter until it is nearly filled. Leave it at room temperature to harden before freezing it for an hour. It will be ready to pop out and hang. Make a few and hang them outside, then watch the birds come visit.

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