Fitness Gets Fun at the Kids Zoo Run

Kids Zoo Run

The San Antonio Zoo is a great resource for the community. People of all ages go to the zoo to check out the wildlife and learn more about the staff’s conservation efforts. As a non-profit organization, the zoo has to come up with ways to raise money to stay afloat, and one of those ways is coming up. The Kids Zoo Run is taking place on Sept. 16, and it is a fun way for your kids to get involved and support the zoo they love. Plus, they will get some exercise in the process.

About the Race

The race is organized by age group, so no one will have to run more than he or she is capable of running. Kids 5 and under just go for a quarter of a mile. Meanwhile, kids aged 6–11 race for a half mile. Kids can race by themselves or they can run with their parents.

Everyone who enters gets a T-shirt and ribbon, and the top three girls and boys from each age group will take home a medal. The San Antonio Zoo is the real winner, though, since it receives the proceeds from the race. That money helps the zoo continue to provide a great service to the public.

The Benefits of Running

If your kid participates in the Kids Zoo Run, he or she won’t just be helping the zoo. Your child will also get some exercise. There are all kinds of reasons that you child should get involved in physical fitness, no matter how young he or she is. Children who are active for at least an hour a day are less likely to be obese, and they are also likely to have higher test scores. Physical activity also helps children develop various skills, and it can even increase neural connections in the brain. Your child can even become more flexible and coordinated based on physical activity. On top of that, kids who engage in regular physical activity are less likely to experience depression and anxiety. That alone is a great reason to get your kid moving.

With that in mind, use the Kids Zoo Run as a starting point to get your child involved in physical fitness. Consider completing the race as a family so your child can see that physical fitness is a family affair.

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