Love Pops? Learn More about SA Pops in San Antonio

popsicles in san antonio

SA Pops is a local popsicle joint, located at 3420 N St Mary’s. The most distinct difference between SA Pops and your average popsicle stand isn’t only the cool air conditioning. SA’s uniqueness goes far further than that. The atmosphere is homey, eclectic, and obviously southwestern. Piñatas hang from the ceiling and the patio roof, giving its funky flair a traditional southwestern feel.

A Day In The Life

A typical day at SA Pops begins at 2 p.m. Andrew Gutierrez, the owner, finishes teaching his culinary class at the Art Institute of San Antonio. He and his family then spend the rest of the afternoon and night making and serving artisanal palentas, shaved ice, and soft serve ice cream. In three months, Gutierrez estimates he’s created 30 different flavored pops. These fruit-flavored treats seem simple in composition—fresh fruit, simple syrup, and purified water—but SA pops flavors become unique with the addition of lemon, lime, vanilla, and/or spice.

How Do They Do It?

SA Pops has 5 different sized metal molds that allow them to make 28 pops at a time, each. They are made in the evening and frozen overnight. They also make their own syrup for the shaved ice and mixes their own soft serve ice cream. Plus, when the leaves begin to change, SA pops serves churros and hot chocolate.

Why SA Pops?

The obvious appeal of a tasty, frozen treat in the heat of San Antonio’s summer appeals to many of SA’s customers. But there is more to this little restaurant that just a refreshing taste on your tongue. Its warm, familiar vibe draws in regulars as well as newcomers every day. The friendly atmosphere, fostered by charming banter between Gutierrez family members, brings customers back time and time again. Marina, Andrew’s mother, summed up their mission nicely in an interview. She said, “We don’t just want to give you a paleta and go home. We want you to be a part of our family here.” So, you should definitely feel welcomed to visit this location on the next sunny day in San Antonio!

Take an afternoon trip to SA Pops with your kids, or use it as a date location to win over your crush. No matter what the occasion, getting a delicious, homemade popsicle is always a good idea! Visit their Facebook page to learn more.

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