The Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival Returns

Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival

Are you ready for this year’s Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival? It’s this event’s 10th anniversary, so expect a huge celebration that you will remember for years to come. Whether you are active in San Antonio’s art scene or just want to get a taste of culture in your life, this is a great event. Build community and have a great time when you attend.

This event is held Nov. 10 from 7 p.m. until midnight and on Nov. 11 from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. During that time, there will be a wide variety of activities for you to enjoy. Check out all the festival has to offer.


This part of the event will start on Friday at 7 p.m.; Magik Theatre, Hemisfair, UNAM, Intituto Cultural de Mexico, Nueva Street, the River Walk grotto at the Convention Center, and Yanaguana Park will all display art. This is your chance to walk around and see what local artists have been up to. It’s fun to admire all the different types of contemporary art, and if you have a favorite artist, you might be able to spot his or her work here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired and go home to create some art of your own.

Community Arts Events

On Saturday, all over the city, you will be able to take part in educational activities, including open artist studios. Several local businesses and nonprofits will participate as well, so this is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Luminaria VIP Package

Want to take your Luminaria experience to the next level? Then you should consider the $250 VIP package. This will get you access to special events and experiences on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, including a highlight finale of the entire weekend on Saturday. You can also get the best seating and special access.

Brunch with the Artists

Do you want to get to know the artists that are participating in this year’s Luminaria better? Then you should consider going to the $35 artist brunch which will feature a variety of interesting guests at a unique location. This opportunity gives you the chance to better understand the ideas behind the art you see. You might even be able to get to know some of the artists better.

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