Don’t Miss ‘Natural Beauty: Fiesta of Land, Water, and Sky’ at the Witte Museum

Woman in an Art Gallery like the Witte Museum

The Witte Museum is certainly a San Antonio landmark that most residents have visited at least once, if not more. In addition to the permanent exhibits, this museum always has a collection of rotating ones. The most recent is “Natural Beauty: Fiesta of Land, Water, and Sky.” This exhibition is definitely worth a visit. It runs until Aug. 13th, so you still have plenty of time to check it out.

Celebrating the State’s Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty: Fiesta of Land, Water, and Sky” aims to celebrate Texas’s natural beauty in an eye-catching way. Not only is the artwork within the exhibition amazing, it’s also the very first in a series of upcoming “Fiesta” exhibits at the New Witte. This exhibit fits perfectly into place, as the Witte’s permanent theme tends to be the unique combination of sky, land, and water found only in Texas, which is exactly what the exhibit looks at. You’ll see images of starry skies, rolling prairies, wildflowers, and more.

Other Special Exhibits

The “Fiesta” exhibit isn’t the only special one on display at the Witte Museum at the moment. If you go to the Mays Family Center, you can check out the “Whales: Giants of the Deep” exhibit, which is hands-on, interactive, and completely immersive. It’s designed to be fun and educational for the entire family and runs until Sept. 4th. Or you can check out the “Wild Weather” exhibit in the Kathleen and Curtis Gunn Gallery, also until Sept. 4th. It’s also geared toward all ages, showing how scientists are improving their forecasting methods and giving visitors the chance to experience the extreme weather. My kids loved this exhibit!

Attend Cocktails and Culture

If you prefer to have a drink while visiting the Witte Museum, you can always plan your visit to the Natural Beauty exhibit on the same day as Cocktails and Culture. This event is for those who are 21 and older and includes cocktails and beer along with museum exhibits, culture, and intelligent conversation. The theme on June 29th is “Wild Weather,” while July 27th will be “Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs” and August 30th looks at whales (as a continuation of May 31’s “Whales and Tales”). Since food is available for purchase, you don’t have to worry about eating before the event. Just consider buying your tickets in advance.

Those who want to do something special at the Witte and take their whole family should look at the calendar for the 13th Season of Sunday Jazz at the Witte. You get to listen to Jazz at the Will Smith Amphitheatre under the shade of pecan trees. June 11 will feature the Candy DeClue Band. I attended the May 14th event featuring Bette Butler and Joel Dilley, and it was truly relaxing.

Let your Ford take you to the “Natural Beauty: Fiesta of Land, Water, and Sky” exhibit or any of the other special events at the Witte Museum.