Six Flags Fiesta Fright Fest Is Here

Six Flags Fright Fest Fiesta

Do you get a little chill when you hear sounds that go bump in the night? Do you love that feeling you get when a ghost sneaks up on you, or do you like the idea of riding a roller coaster in the dark? If so, you will absolutely love Six Flags Fiesta Texas Fright Fest. This festival is full of frightening fun that you are going to love.

About Fright Fest

So what is Fright Fest? To put it simply, it’s a festival full of frights. It takes place from Sept. 15–Oct. 31 and starts at 5 p.m. or noon, depending on the day. It is full of haunted houses and scary shows to keep you entertained all night long. There are also special scare zones where you might come into contact with ghosts. Plus, the lights are outs, so you can ride your favorite roller coasters in the dark. Talk about frightening! How will you feel when your favorite coaster flips you over in the dark? It will be a hair-raising experience.

Fun Scares

If you have little children, you might not want to take them to Fright Fest, as it might be too much for them. It’s not terrifying, but it is frightening. The ghosts and monsters at Six Flags Fiesta Fright Fest are a little bit scarier than the ones at some other parks, so you can expect some real thrills and chills.

What’s Changed

In the past, you had to pay extra for the haunted houses, but that is no longer the case. Now, you just need to pay to get into Six Flags, and you can enjoy Fright Fest. Consider coming before fright time so you can enjoy the regular Six Flags. Then, when the sun goes down, you will get your fill of frights.

Also new this year, guests are invited to peruse the Blood Bayou, a voodoo campsite filled with dark surprises. The Carnevil 3D is a new 3D “fun” house that tests your survival skills as you avoid being claimed by the vengeful clowns within.

Pro Tip

Fright Fest draws in a lot of people, but they typically come late at night. If you get there right at the start of Fright Fest, you will be able to fly through the lines and ride your favorite rides. The haunted houses will have longer lines, so hit the roller coasters for a fun thrill, and then go to the Halloween-themed attractions later. They will still have long lines, but it’s always scarier late at night, right?

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