Take in All the History of San Antonio

Discover San Antonio history at The Alamo

Anyone who has lived in San Antonio for more than a few months, or even visited it for at least a week or two, knows that it’s rich in history. Between sites known around the world, like the Alamo, and pieces of local history, you can spend days exploring all this city has to offer. Here are just some of our favorites.

The Alamo

As the best-known historic site in San Antonio, The Alamo is definitely worth a mention. Admission to the Alamo is completely free, and you should be prepared for a lot of walking during your visit. Most visitors spend a great deal of time at the Church, which is also known as the Shrine. It first served as a Spanish church during the mission era. Now, it’s highly recognizable thanks to the 1836 battle.

During your walk through The Alamo, you will notice some adjustments made when it was a warehouse and more recent changes to honor its defenders. You’ll also want to take the time to explore Campo Santo, the area in front of the Shrine, the long barrack, and the wall. Make sure to bring along sunscreen and a hat and drink lots of water since you’ll be outside for most of the day.

The Guenther House

The Guenther House is the family home of Carl Hilmar Guenther. As of 1988, it’s open to the public for banquets and as a restaurant and museum. You can eat in a historic building before or after you visit the museum, which was originally the library. Now, you can find a range of mill memorabilia. Discover things like cookie cutters, Dresden china plates commemorating its anniversary, and baking accessories! You’ll also see American-made china, which was produced between World War II and 1952. Plus, you can check out the silver trophy that belonged to Erhard from the Casino Club Bowling Team in 1897.

King William Association

Although not a specific historic landmark, the King William Association works to restore and preserve a wide range of them in San Antonio. This nonprofit was established in 1967. Even if you haven’t heard of it before, chances are you’ve visited or at least walked by a site it worked to preserve.

One of the group’s major goals was making the King William area a historic district. It has three different historic districts in its boundaries and can arrange walking tours for you. There are even maps available online. The King William area is where you will find the former missions. However, this association is also responsible for the Arsenal Historic District and the South Alamo District, both of which are also well worth a slow walk through.


To get to any of these pieces of San Antonio, Texas, history, just hop in your Ford and park downtown. You’ll soon get an exciting glimpse of history.