Take Your Kids to Bug Mania! at the San Antonio Zoo

Little kids enjoying Bug Mania

Kids tend to love insects, which is why the San Antonio Zoo is presenting Bug Mania! This upcoming event runs throughout the summer, going until September 3rd. Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, every visit to the San Antonio Zoo includes the chance to see larger-than-life insects.

Finding the Bugs

It isn’t too hard to find the insects at Bug Mania! They’re ginormous replicas of some of the most common bugs and a few less common ones that are spread throughout the zoo. Just taking a stroll through the zoo to look at your favorite animals should give you the chance to spot most of them. The zoo wants to help guests see the role that bugs play in our lives and those of wild animals. (Additionally, they want to encourage people to not be afraid of them).

Enjoy the Other Exhibits, as Well!

Since Bug Mania! is actually spread throughout the San Antonio Zoo, you should take the opportunity to enjoy all of the animals and other exhibits the zoo hosts. The Zoo Train is the perfect way to get around the space and see a lot of animals. This way, your toddlers won’t have to walk too much, and you won’t get tired from carrying them around. When it’s time for a break, visit the Zootennial Carousel, which features 60 hand-painted animals for your kids to choose from. Be sure to check out the Butterflies! Caterpillar Flight School exhibit and get the chance to experience butterflies in their natural habitat. It’s so much fun to see where they land and who they choose to land on!

The Lory Landing is very similar, but it showcases Australian birds instead of butterflies in an environment that mimics their natural rainforest. Best of all, the lorikeets love eating nectar and you can buy a cup for just a few dollars, guaranteeing you will get up close and personal with them. At least once in your life, try out one of the behind-the-scenes activities, such as Okapi Experience, Aldabra Tortoise Experience, or Rhino Experience. This would also be a great introduction to the animal kingdom for your kids, assuming they aren’t afraid of the big animals.

Get to Know the Animals

What’s a trip to the zoo without taking the time to see all the animals? You can easily spend a full day there looking at the 750 species. A couple of tourist favorites include Africa Live! and the Gibbon Forest. There is truly something for everyone at this local zoo.

Hop in your Ford and take your family to Bug Mania! and the other exhibits at the San Antonio Zoo! Just remember to pack sunscreen and water. You are sure to spend hours there enjoying all that is has to offer. Get ready for some family fun!