The Sun Is Out! Cool Down with Some Tasty Ice Cream

Sprinkles on three tasty ice cream cones

Warm weather doesn’t just mean it’s time to bring out the sunscreen. It also means it’s time to go out for a cold sweet treat. San Antonio is home to one delicious ice cream parlor after the next. If you have a sweet tooth, these ice cream shops have just what you’re craving.

The House Boozy Ice Cream and Brews

The House of Boozy Ice Cream and Brews is a unique ice cream shop. Usually, you have to go one place to get your liquor and another place to get your ice cream, but that’s not the case when you stop here. You can enjoy alcohol-infused ice cream and beer at this eatery. The shop offers 10 homemade flavors each day.

Brindles Awesome Ice Cream

Brindles Awesome Ice Cream lives up to its name. Their treats really are awesome. This shop offers all of your favorite classic flavors, plus some originals and unique requests. You can push the limits when you go here. You can also order up an espresso to pair alongside your ice cream.

Amy’s Ice Creams

Amy’s Ice Creams has been around since 1984, and since that time, it’s made a name for itself by creating handcrafted artisan premium ice creams. You can also get frozen yogurt and dairy-free fruit ices at this establishment. The shop has more than 350 flavors in rotation, but it is famous for its Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream.

Lick Honest Ice Creams – San Antonio Scoop Shop

Lick Honest Ice Creams owns two scoop shops – one in Austin and one in San Antonio. Their shops offer a variety of tasty ice cream flavors. Choose from everyday flavors and seasonal options. You can find some unique flavors here, such as Goat Cheese, Thyme, and Honey. You can also go with a standard option, such as Caramel Salt Lick. Go crazy or keep it simple when you visit the San Antonio Scoop Shop!

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